International Issues

Almost all rivers of North Bihar have their origin in Nepal and even beyond. As such, the issues related to utilization of water resources and flood control, related to these rivers, have international aspects. The benefit provided to both India and Nepal by the Kosi and Gandak Projects have been result of the spirit of goodwill and cooperation between people of the two countries who have very close historical and cultural ties.

The Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Projects (SKHDMP) with multiple benefits of irrigation, flood control, hydropower generation, and navigation is going to be another land mark towards harnessing of water resources of a common river by mutual cooperation. There is a joint team of experts of both the countries for the SKHDMP, which is working fast towards the finalization of the project.

Extension of embankment in the Nepalese territory on rivers Lalbakeya, Bagmati, Kamala, and Khando have been prepared by the joint team of experts between India and Nepal.